Catit Creamy Cups Variety Pack – 4 x 25g



Our beloved felines may be obligate carnivores, they will happily sneak some fruit every now and then to enjoy the different tastes and textures. Treat your feline to Catit Creamy Cups, a truly decadent, soft mousse made from cage-free chicken, or cage-free chicken and wild-caught tuna, with real pieces of fruit. More than a guilty pleasure, Catit Creamy Cups is a delicious, grain-free harmony of textures, without any added salt, artificial colors or preservatives.

Key Features: 

  • Cage-free chicken
  • Real fruit
  • NO artificial colors or preservatives
  • NO grains

Suggested feeding:

You can feed your adult cat up to 3 individual Catit Creamy Cups per day. Note the natural color of the mousse and fruit may look pale due to the heating process and absence of artificial coloring.


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